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About Virginia Beer Museum

Virginia is currently experiencing exponential growth of craft breweries. With only one craft brewery in 1994 (Legend in Richmond), the Commonwealth can now boast to having more than TWO HUNDRED craft breweries today. Virginia craft breweries had a $1,046,000,000 economic impact in 2015, producing 274,111 barrels according to the Brewers Association. No other state can claim as lengthy a history of brewing and beer consumption as Virginia.

The Virginia Beer Museum tells this fascinating story through artifacts, displays, and an interactive tasting tour which promotes Virginia breweries. Each room represents a different historic era of Virginia’s history of beer, from the beginning of the Virginia Colony in 1607, through our Founding Father’s recipes, Virginia’s failed efforts of Prohibition, the introduction of the first beer can in America, to the craft beer Renaissance of today.

We are the FIRST beer museum in the country to focus on a single state’s history of beer.